Rose Dix & Rosie Spaughton
They should film a sex tape


Hey guys it’s Millie, tomorrow I’m going on holiday for 14 days. Though there is Internet, chances are I won’t be making as many gifs because I will be doing other things like riding camels and eating my own weight in paella. Sorry if the blog isn’t as active for the next couple of weeks!

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Regram from our super talented photographer @eigs! So glad we got to share a photoshoot with these lovely girls @lucylizz @kaeepet

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Favorite Greer Moments
3/∞ Grenna (。♥‿♥。)

Anonymous wondered,
Does Rosie work for Sunshine Radio?

She used to

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The epitome of fashion.

Anonymous wondered,
and rose used to work with what? i don't know if you answered this before, but i'm new at this

She used to work at Apple x

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hobisognochequalcunomiriscaldi wondered,
How old are rosie and rose?

Rosie is 24 and Rose is 26. It’s on our FAQ page :)

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Anonymous wondered,
what rose does for living? and rosie?

Rose is now a full time youtuber and we don’t know where Rosie works, as last time she told us people started coming to her work etc.

-Millie x

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