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Just wanted to apologise to mobile users about the long gif tutorial. I forgot that read more doesn’t work on mobile x

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Gif Tutorial!

Hey so I said I would make a gif tutorial, so here it goes. This is probably gonna take a long time and its probably gonna be a bit rubbish, so I apologise if its no help. Please reblog/like if it helped you, it may help others also :)

- Millie x

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Anonymous wondered,
Heyy!! Just wondering how make gif?!!

I was gonna make a tutorial tonight but it completely slipped my mind! I will do it tomorrow if I get time :) xx

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Lesbians here

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Requested by anonymous; sorry its so late!

I feel like I owe you guys an apology

I need to apologise for how inactive this blog has been for a month or so. I have recently started my last year of school- holy shit it’s hectic already. There is a possibility that this will be the case until around June next year, and I’m so sorry if it is. It’ll be likely that more gifs/gifsets will be reblogged instead of made. I hope you guys understand, and once again I’m sorry!

-Millie x

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Do you still do requests? Could you please make a gif of the part where Rosie wears the hat in the How To Get Over Someone video? I'M DYING FOR IT. Thanks, love

Indeed we do! I will make it this evening when I have more time :)

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Rosie and Rose’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


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katharuss wondered,
Love your blog

Thanks :)

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Which one of them is bi?

Rosie Spaughton

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Anonymous wondered,
I identify as a lesbian but I also find guys attractive yet I wouldn't really be into doing anything with them sexually at all. Am I a lesbian or am I just confused?

You’re a lesbian, not blind- and if anyone tells you that you can’t appreciate a mans physical appearance because you’re gay, tell them to fuck themselves (◕‿◕✿)

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Anonymous wondered,
Can you tell me what happened between Rosie and fanfic writers? I'm a little lost.

people were mad. stuff went down. Rosie said not to write fics about her. Her word is law.

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