Rose Dix & Rosie Spaughton
They should film a sex tape
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Anonymous wondered,
Which one of them is bi?

Rosie Spaughton

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Anonymous wondered,
I identify as a lesbian but I also find guys attractive yet I wouldn't really be into doing anything with them sexually at all. Am I a lesbian or am I just confused?

You’re a lesbian, not blind- and if anyone tells you that you can’t appreciate a mans physical appearance because you’re gay, tell them to fuck themselves (◕‿◕✿)

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Can you tell me what happened between Rosie and fanfic writers? I'm a little lost.

people were mad. stuff went down. Rosie said not to write fics about her. Her word is law.

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Do Rose and Rosie watch Orange is the new black?

I believe so, I think I remember them talking about it a long while ago :)

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NEEWWWW VIDEO!!!! Our Airport Meeting….

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I'm New 'n tumblr, and Just found your blog, so far one of the best R&R sites. So congrats. Xxx Btw just watched their latest vid and there's a moment where Rosie's gently caress with her hand Rose's ear, I think was so cute, you know if there's a gif somewhere from this. ? :) Cheers. :)

Ahh thank you, pretty proud of this blog and I like to think Angie is too. And there probably is, but i shall gif it now :D

-Millie x

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When did Luclyn say they don't talk to the Roses anymore?

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luclyn said they dont talk to the roses anymore- why is this

no clue, and I wouldn’t want to know; it breaks my heart.

both pairs are my idols, and it hurts to think they no longer speak. but evidently, something has happened and we need to respect both of the couples. they most likely wont want to talk about it as its very personal. so, it would probably be best not to ask them, as much as you would want to.


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#NearlyThere :) tomorrow LUCLYN REUNITED FOREVER! kaeandlucy lucyelizabeth finallyme 

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"…when I realised she was the biggest part of my life, the person in the whole world that I trust the most, care for the most, love the most and would do anything just to make sure she was happy I realised that I love her, that I’d never loved another person like I love her and that she’s The One." - Rosie Spaughton

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